Do The Essentials 1Core Story Ready to elevate your childcare business? Schedule Demo Technology should help you address your business essentials and elevate your business.
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Do More With One 1Core Story Does your software evolve with your childcare business? Schedule Demo Software should continuously evolve to meet your future requirements and challenges.
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Don't Compromise 1Core Story Does your current software meet your essentials? Schedule Demo Software should help you do the right things in the best possible way.
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Know Your Financial Health 1Core Story Automatic financial health score every month Schedule Demo Get your Financial Health Score based on Thrive Finance Model from Hinge Brokers.
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About 1Core

Elevate your childcare business

OnCare, with its 15 years of providing back-office cloud solutions for childcare businesses like you, listened to the essentials of modern-day needs, solved them to elevate your business and launched the solution as 1Core.

  • A Modern User Experience
  • Mobile Apps for Parents, Classrooms and Attendance
  • Parent Engagement and Communication
  • Financial Health Score from Hinge Brokers
  • Enrollment Automation
  • Digital Documents – Go Paperless, Including Licensing Forms
  • Predictive Staff Scheduling
  • Automated Billing, Invoice and Payments
  • Summer Camps Registration 
  • CRM Companion
  • Business Snapshot as Dashboard

1Core for childcare business essentials

1Core Promise

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